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Ordering from BBQ Wholesale Centre is made simple as we offer various modes of ordering and payments.

Order Modes and Details


Food Quality and Sampling


Payment Modes and Details


Other Services


Unforeseen Circumstances


Limitation of Liability


Order Modes and Details

» Modes of Ordering

Customers may place order via:

a.) Online at www.bbqwholesale.com

b.) Email to sales@bbqwholesale.com

c.) Fax in to 6844 1163

} Order will be confirmed within 1 working day via SMS. Otherwise please contact BBQ Sales office at 6848 6848 to check on the order’s status.

d.) Phone order at BBQ Sales hotline at 6848 6848

e.) Walk in to our shop at 81 Frankel Ave S(458209) (nearest MRT station is Kembangan)

} Available on Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm only. Sunday, Public Holidays and eve of Public Holidays no phone and walk in orders.
Note: Online usually have monthly promotions and discount that are not available offline. Customers are encouraged to order online to enjoy these offers.

» Online Ordering Process

Step 1:
Log in to www.bbqwholesale.com
Step 2:
Select your choices from BBQ Ala Carte or BBQ Packages
Step 3:
Once purchases are selected, go ahead to Check Out
Step 4:
Promotion page will appear if you are entitled to the purchase. Make your selection and click NEXT
Step 5:
Essential Items Recommendation helps to estimate if you have over/ under purchase of charcoal and other necessities. Is good to make use of these tips. Click NEXT after done.
Step 6:
Foam box /Cool bag page tells you the number of boxes /bags that are need to contain all your purchases. If you do not need any additional box or bag, click NEXT.
Step 7:
Fill in your particulars and delivery information here. Please ensure contacts details and email address are correct as an invoice will be forwarded to you. After that proceed NEXT.
Step 8:
Please review your order again before making payment to ensure all details are correct. Once we received your order, we will process accordingly. Input valid credit card details for payment by credit card, otherwise select bank transfer if offline payment is preferred.
Step 9:
Key in OTP that send by Bank to your mobile.
Step 10:
Once payment a successful, a confirmation page will be forwarded to your email.

» Order Confirmation

Upon successfully submission, customer will receive a confirmation page and an online order ID. Our system will forward an auto-generated e-invoice to your email almost instantly. Customer may note the order ID for future reference.


To ensure all online orders are received successfully, BBQ Wholesale Centre will be sending out a confirmation SMS within 1 working day. SMS confirmation will only be send to the first contact person. If you do not receive our SMS confirmation, please contact our sales team at 6848 6848 / email to sales@bbqwholesale.com / SMS to 92255-227 (9CALL-BBQ).


» Changes to Details after Confirmation

  • Customer certainly able to make changes to the order after it has been placed with BBQ Wholesale Centre.
  • The cut-off time for any changes is 3 days before the delivery date.
  • Any over payment due to changes to the order will be refunded by BBQ voucher.
  • Customer may email request to sales@bbqwholesale.com or SMS to 92255-227 (9Call-BBQ).
  • BBQ Sales team will acknowledge the receipt of request by calling customer. If you do not hear from us, kindly call us at 6848 6848 to ensure your changes are captured.
  • We regret that we are unable to accommodate after cut-off time.

» Minimum Order and Adjustment to Smaller Quantity

  • There is no minimum order and customers may order any quantity of food subjected to the packaging criteria. E.g. Satay is sold in pack of 50 a type and customer must order in multiple packs.
  • All prices quoted in the ala carte menu are in per pack unless otherwise stated.
  • Mixing 2 or more types in a pack is not allowed too. E.g. mixing 25 pieces of chicken satay with 25 pieces of mutton satay to make up to 50 a pack is not allowed.
  • Adjustment to smaller quantity is not possible as BBQ Wholesale Centre pre-pack all items and freeze them to maintain the freshness. Thus, it is not possible to defrost and repack into smaller quantity as it will affect the quality of food greatly.

» Adjustment to Packages

BBQ Wholesale Centre offers a wide variety of marinated barbecue food, cooked staple food, desserts and barbecue essentials in both Ala carte menu and packages.

  • The packages available are the Basic, Meaty and Seafood, which cater for 10 pax to 1000 pax. All packages entitle to package discount and thus, prices are cheaper than Ala carte menu. However, customers are not able to remove or add item into these preset packages.
  • Customer who needs additional items can add the selected package to shopping cart follow by clicking onto ala carte menu to add more items.
  • Some items have exchangeable options that allow customers to change to other items. Items that indicate “CHANGE ITEMS” are allow to change to other items in the given list of options at the same quantity. Prices will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Customer who finds many of the items in the packages not suitable may want to purchase from ala carte menu.


» Order Customization and Special Request

Customers that have special preferences or requests to cater for big groups may ask quotations from our sales office. Request can be emailed to sales@bbqwholesale.com. Our BBQ sales team is very experience in planning and giving suggestions to suits to all kind of budgets and requirements.

» Promotion Items of the Month

Every month there are promotional items that are available for online orders only. Information on promotions can be found at Home page www.bbqwholesale.com.


To purchase promotion items, customer need to:

Step 1:
Select items to be purchased in ala carte menu and check out.
Note: BBQ Packages already have package discount thus, not entitle to monthly promotion.
Step 2:
After Check Out will be the Monthly "Promotion Items." Make your selection here.

» Substitution of Products

BBQ Wholesale Centre guarantees delivery only fresh food to our customers all the time and shall not compromise on this. Sometimes substitutions may be necessary on occasions due to the seasonal nature conditions and freshness of raw materials. We will substitute the purchase with the next similar product. We will notify the affected customers via SMS to update on the changes before delivery. Customers who are not comfortable with the changes may call BBQ sales office at 6848 6848 for a refund or substitution with other items.

Food Quality and Sampling

» 100% Food Quality Guarantee

BBQ Wholesale Centre places highest priority in ensuring customer’s health comes before any other concerns. Thus, we only get the freshest food from our suppliers and prepare them without any preservatives or artificial colouring.

» Food Packaging Materials

  • Most raw marinated food are packed in tightly sealed PVC trays/ PVC vacuumed bag once they are prepared.
  • Item like raw small otah will be packed in plastic bag.
  • Cook-chilled food are packed in disposal aluminum tray that can be conveniently warmed over the barbecue pit.

» Food Sampling

BBQ Wholesale Centre does not provide any sampling to our food. At BBQ Wholesale Centre, we guarantee only the freshest food will be served to our customers.

» Food Quantity

  • Most of our raw marinated food do not underwent reprocessing and thus, the actual weight, size and quantity may varies about +/- 5%.
  • Some accessories’ quantity like forks, spoons, cups etc are subjected to variation of +/- 5% too.

Payment Modes and Details

For your shopping convenience, BBQ Wholesale Centre accepts various modes of payment.


» Credit Card Payment and Transaction Details

  • Master and Visa credit cards from major banks are accepted
  • Credit cards are available for online purchases only.
  • Credit card payment works on a 3-D Secured platform for added security to protect customers' information.
  • Respective credit card bank will send an One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS to main card holder when making online purchase. Customer need to ensure bank is updated with valid mobile number in order to receive the SMS. Without inputting the correct OPT, purchase will be declined. Please call the bank in such case.
  • Customer whose never receive OPT may also want to call the respective credit card’s bank as this part of the security is set by the bank.
  • Customer who experiences failed credit card transaction may want to proceed with the order by reselecting the payment mode to Bank Transfer.

» Bank / Cash Transfer

  • Bank transfer can be done via Internet banking, ATM machine or over the bank counter.
  • Cash transfer can be done via ATM machine or over the bank counter.
  • Both bank and cash transfers have to be done 3 days before the delivery date.
  • BBQ Wholesale Centre Pte Ltd banks details are
    DBS Current Account017-902 272-0
    OCBC Current Account520-880 972 001
    UOB Current Account348 302 228-8
    Citibank MaxiSave Account075 057 8004
  • Customers are advised to do a direct bank transfer to the same bank if using internet banking, i.e. if your account is DBS/POSB, please transfer to our DBS Current Account; if yours is OCBC, please transfer to our OCBC account etc.
  • Please key in your Online Order No at the Remarks when doing bank transfer.
  • Once transfer is done, please SMS the transaction details to 82828107. BBQ Account will SMS you once verification is done.

» Corporate Cheque

  • Organizations using corporate cheque are to make payable to BBQ Wholesale Centre Pte Ltd.
  • Arrangement for cheque payment has to be done at least 1 week before delivery and mail to 81 Frankel Ave S(458209) or direct drop into cheque deposit box in banks.
  • Customers are advised to fax the cheque image to 6844 1163 / email to sales@bbqwholesale.com / SMS to 9 2255227 for our record before dropping into cheque deposit box.

»E-Payment by GEBIZ, Vendors or GIRO

Electronic payments are available to all Singapore Government bodies, schools and army camps. Such arrangements have to be made at least 1 week before the delivery date.

  • Procedures for payment via GEBIZ / GIRO are:
    • Upon confirming order, an invoice will be emailed to customer.
    • Customer has to be passed invoice to your account to raise Purchase Order (PO)
    • Upon successful submission of PO, a PO number will be generated and customer has to notify us the PO number.
    • BBQ Wholesale Centre will then log into GEBIZ site to acknowledge the PO
  • Procedures for payment via Vendors are:
    • Upon confirming order with BBQ Wholesale Centre, customer will receive a Vendors Form that need to be chop and sign by the customer’s account to acknowledge the purchase.
    • The completed form has to be fax to 6844 1163 or email to sales@bbqwholesale.com.
    • BBQ Wholesale Centre will then raise a PO from the Vendors website.

»Cash and Nets Payment

  • Cash and Nets payments are available only at BBQ Wholesale Centre’s office located at 81 Frankel Ave.
  • Payments have to be made 3 days before delivery date.

»BBQ Member Card Discount

  • Customers that have BBQ Member Card are able to enjoy member discount.
  • Customers may key in member card details at Particulars and Delivery Info after Check Out.
  • If member number is inputted correctly, the Order Summary will show the Net Total after less Member Discount.
  • Member discount is 5% off the total purchases on food items. Packages, accessories, delivery fee, rental of barbecue pit, barbecue chef services, promotional items and non standard items do not have member discount.
  • BBQ Member Card is FREE and is given out by invitation only.
  • Customers who are keen to apply for our member card may email your details (name, mailing address and mobile number) to sales@bbqwholesale.com. When our marketing team releases new batch of member cards, we will send you an invitation.

»Redeem of BBQ Voucher

  • To redeem your BBQ voucher, select your products and go to Check Out.
  • At the Particulars & Delivery Info, go to Remarks and Comments and fill in the voucher number and amount.
  • Please select "Bank Transfer (Offline)" as your payment mode. The amount appear in the bill will be before redemption of the voucher amount. Once BBQ sales office verifies the voucher, we will manually offset the amount from your bill. If there is any outstanding amount, you may make payment by bank transfer.

Other Services

» Engaging of barbecue chef

Barbecuing no longer a hassle with barbecue chef services provide by BBQ Wholesale Centre.

  • We provide experience and well trained barbeque chef $110 per chef, with a minimum of 2 chefs per session.
  • Each barbecue session last a maximum of 3 hours or till all food are cooked, whichever is earlier.
  • Duties of barbecue chefs include pit preparation and fire setup, heating up of cook-chilled food and grilling of all raw barbeque food supply by BBQ Wholesale Centre.
  • Barbeque chefs do not handle any forms of setup / arrangement for tables, chairs, decoration, tentages and cleaning and clearing of barbeque venue. Customers who need such services may request for a separate quotation.
  • Barbecue chef are usually highly in demand, thus early booking like 2 to 4 weeks in advance are encouraged.
  • The number of barbecue chefs required per session varies with event size.
  • To know the number of barbecue chefs needed, customer may
    1. Select the required food items from the ala carte or packages and Check Out.
    2. Proceed till the page on Particulars and Delivery Info
    3. Look under Barbecue Chef, the system has already auto computed number of chefs needed for the food you have ordered (Refer to diagram below)
  • Alternatively, customer may base on rough estimation below for a quick guide. Final prices maybe subjected to the quantity of food order.
    Size of FunctionsEstimated BBQ Chefs needed
    Up to 20 guests2 BBQ chefs
    Up to 50 guests3 BBQ chefs
    Up to 100 guests4 BBQ chefs
    Up to 150 guests5 BBQ chefs
    Up to 200 guests6 BBQ chefs
    More than 200 guestsPlease email to sales@bbqwholesale.com for quotation
  • Due to the sensitiveness of food hygiene and Halal issue, barbecue chefs strictly handle food supply by BBQ Wholesale Centre. Food from other sources will not be grilled by barbecue chefs.
  • Customers who need only a portion of the food to be grilled by barbecue chefs may request for split invoices. Barbecue chefs will setup and use the pit first before customer’s helper.
  • BBQ Wholesale Centre will not engage part-time students to handle your important events. All our barbecue chefs are well trained experience griller. We are capable of handling any types and sizes of events, from small scale house barbecues to large corporate events of few thousands people.
  • Orders that have 3-joints wing will incur a service charge of $0.20 per wing for the additional skewering work.

» Rental of large barbecue pits

  • BBQ Wholesale Centre provides rental of large stainless steel barbecue pits.
  • The barbecue pit can grilled about 30 to 40 pax of food.
  • Each pit rents at $50 per day, with a refundable deposit of $200. Deposit will be refunded by BBQ office within 10 working days once pit is return to the office.
  • We can arrange drivers to pickup the pit after the event, usually on the next morning after the event between 10am to 12pm.
  • Please note that wiremesh is not included in the rental price and customers need to purchase them. Each pit requires 3 wiremesh.
  • Our large rental pit look like the picture below and it can be easily setup by
    1. Opening the stand in a "X" position to hold the pit (see picture below)
    2. Lay 1 piece of wiremesh inside pit to hold charcoal.
    3. Setup fire and covers pit with 2 pieces of wiremesh.
  • Cooking Tips : Center portion of the pit is the hottest spot which is suitable to grill food wrap in foil like sweet potatoes, sweet corn, stingray, sambal sotong. The edges of pit are less hot and thus, more suitable to grill chicken wings, hotdogs, sausages and satay.

» Rental of tables, chairs and tentage

BBQ Wholesale Centre does not have any inhouse services on rental of tables, chairs and tentages. Table setup like warmers and skirting are not available too. Customer may contact our business associates for more details. Please email to sales@bbqwholesale.com for your request.

Unforeseen Circumstances

We understand that sometime plans may change due to unforeseen circumstances. BBQ Wholesale Centre would want to be able to accommodate to customer requests as best as we can.


» Unexpected Delivery Situations

  • Redirection
    • We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances, customers may need redirection of location.
    • For same day delivery, customers may call to BBQ sales office at 6848 6848 to notify on the changes before cut-off time.
      • The cut-off time for morning delivery between 10am to 12pm is 5pm one day before delivery date.
      • The cut-off time for afternoon delivery between 2 to 6pm is 10am on the day of delivery.
    • We will try our best to accommodate to the changes if situation allow.

  • Redelivery
    If customers or recipients are not at the location when drivers arrive, drivers may have to proceed to other deliveries first before making a return trip at a later time (usually is after all other deliveries). A surcharge of $15 will be applicable.

  • Reschedule from delivery to Self Collection
    Reschedule from delivery to self collection is possible for same day delivery, customers may call to BBQ sales office at 6848 6848 to notify on the changes.
    • For morning delivery between 10am to 12pm, the cut-off time to inform on the changes is 5pm one day before delivery date.
    • For afternoon delivery between 2pm to 6pm, customer may update the changes by 10am on the day of delivery.
    The pickup address is at 81 Frankel Ave Singapore 458209.

Note: Emailing or messaging via SMS to update changes is not acceptable as sales office might not receive the request on time. Thus changes have to make via calls.


» Cancellation Policy

  • Editing of Order

    Editing of orders must be made three (3) business days prior to the event by phone or email.
    Any overpayment resulted from the editing will be refunded by BBQ Food Voucher.
    Instructions that are received less than three (3) business days are subjected to a 50% charge on the edit items.

  • Cancel / Postpone of Orders

    Cancelling or postponing of orders must be made three (3) business days prior to the event by phone or email.
    Instructions that are received less than three (3) business days are subjected to a 50% charge on the total bill. Balance 50% will be refunded by BBQ Food Voucher.
    Instructions that are received on the event day are subjected to a 100% charge on the total bill.

    Contact Details:
    Phone : 6848 6848 (9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday)
    Email : sales@bbqwholesale.com


» Exchange Policy

At BBQ Wholesale Centre, we endeavor to deliver food at their freshest. If customers are unsatisfied with the purchases, BBQ Wholesale Centre will either replace the items or give customers full refund on the return item as long as the product is returned in its original condition. Request for exchange or refund, or missing items etc. must be made within 24 hours of receipt.


All feedback or concerns may email to sales@bbqwholesale.com.


» Raining Situations

Due to unpredictable weather forecast in Singapore, we strongly recommend customers to have backup plans in case the weather is not favorable. BBQ Wholesale Centre will proceed to prepare your order once confirmed. Our drivers will delivery in any weather conditions.


Requesting to add on disposal pits or rental of large barbecue pits are possible at last minutes so long drivers have not set off for delivery.


Limitation of Liability

In any event, and notwithstanding anything contained herein, BBQ Wholesale Centre's liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise howsoever, and whatever the cause thereof, arising by reason of or in connection with the sales and purchase order (except in relation to death or personal injury caused to the customer by the wilful act or gross negligence of BBQ Wholesale Centre or its employees while acting in the course of their employment) shall be limited to the Purchase Price.


The customer shall not seek from BBQ Wholesale Centre the loss of profits, contracts, revenue or business; or indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary and/or punitive damages arising out of or relating to the sales and purchase order.


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