8 Genius BBQ Hack for Barbecue Party


Having a barbecue party is without a doubt one of Singaporean's most popular activity; it is common to invite friends over, turn up some good music, and feast on local delicious food such as satay, otak otak or sambal stingray. However, throwing a BBQ party can sometimes be quite tedious, hence we’ve put together a list of 8 awesome barbecue hacks that will ensure planning of barbecue party be much easier.  BBQ Hack #1 | Use Nacho Chips To Start Charcoal Fire It is common to start a charcoal fire with fire-starter but did you know you can also kindle fire using Doritos Chips? Amaze...

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Impressive Charcoal Light Up Technique


A simple way to light up charcoal is to neatly stack charcoal to a height and light up fire starter as illustrated below. The important trick is to wait patiently for the charcoal to be red hot before spreading out. Do not light charcoal inside your house as it is dangerous and smoky. How to Set-up Charcoal Fire [table id=7 /] See Video on Easiest Way To Start BBQ Fire

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