BBQ Tips – Barbecue Marshmallow to Perfection

BBQ Marshmallow to Perfection by BBQ Wholesale Centre

BBQ marshmallow is favourite “bbq dessert” among young Singaporean. Youngsters love to barbecue over a charcoal fire for their bbq party! Common bbq practice would be to poke marshmallow over satay stick and place over charcoal flame at the end of barbecue session. For the perfect golden marshmallow, patience is the essence; you need to barbecue it slowly, carefully, and methodically. The more time it takes, the gooier and more delicious the centre will be. Depending on the fire, it’ll probably take about four minutes to make a perfect golden brown marshmallow.

You may either let your perfectly barbecued marshmallow cool for a minute or two before stuffing the whole thing straight into your mouth; or, squish it between two cookies to make S’more—delicious!

Note: Should your marshmallow catch on fire, slowly remove the stick from the fire and blow the flame out gently. Flaming marshmallows are like little lava bombs that can cause second-degree burns when they fly accidentally off the stick—Do not panic when your mallows caught fire!

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