8 Genius BBQ Hack for Barbecue Party


Having a barbecue party is without a doubt one of Singaporean's most popular activity; it is common to invite friends over, turn up some good music, and feast on local delicious food such as satay, otak otak or sambal stingray. However, throwing a BBQ party can sometimes be quite tedious, hence we’ve put together a list of 8 awesome barbecue hacks that will ensure planning of barbecue party be much easier.  BBQ Hack #1 | Use Nacho Chips To Start Charcoal Fire It is common to start a charcoal fire with fire-starter but did you know you can also kindle fire using Doritos Chips? Amaze...

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Fastest Way to BBQ Sweet Corn | BBQ Wholesale Centre

A lot of people have a misconception of placing sweet corn together with charcoal and barbecue together. Most of the time, corn cob end up burnt and discarded. The fastest & smartest way to BBQ sweet corn is 1) Wrap corn in aluminium foil 2) Place corn on top of BBQ grill (Not under grill together with Charcoal) 3) Cover with aluminium tray for 5-10 minutes 4) Flip corn and cover with aluminium tray for another 5-10 minutes 5) BBQ corn is ready to be eaten! [embed][/embed]

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Best BBQ Places in the East of Singapore | BBQ Wholesale Centre


BBQ has always been a popular activity among Singaporean especially those staying at the East; due to the availability of many bbq facilities located at the nearby beach as well as bbq friendly chalets. Booking of BBQ Pits at Parks and chalets are very convenient, which make hosting of bbq party the number one choice for most Singaporeans! Be it Birthday Parties for kids or adults, Anniversary celebration, family gathering and even corporate gathering; 80% will definitely choose BBQ to cater to their hungry guest! Find it troublesome to lug all the heavy food to your BBQ location? No problem...

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How to Start BBQ Charcoal Fire

Eastiest Way to Start BBQ Charcoal Fire

[embed][/embed] Easiest & Quickest Way to Start BBQ Fire Using Charcoal | Step by Step Instruction Step 1: Place charcoal on bbq pit and lay charcoal in a pentagon formation Step 2: Place firestarter in centre of pentagon formation & Light up fire starters Step 3: Stack up charcoal in a "pyramid" formation. BBQ Tip: Fanning speed up the burning of charcoal, continue for 10-15 minutes and will see charcoal turn grey ash in colour. Items needed to Start Charcoal Fire Charcoal Fire-Starters Matchsticks Fan Tongs Wiremesh How to estimate Charcoal for my BBQ Party? The rule of thumb for...

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BBQ Tips: How to Pack Potato Chips

BBQ Tips How To Pack Leftover Chips After BBQ Party

Have you ever face difficulty packing leftover Potato Chips after BBQ Party? Can't seem to find a rubber band to secure potato chips packaging? Below is a brilliant tip on how to pack potato chips without the need of rubber band! [embed][/embed]

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BBQ Tips – Barbecue Marshmallow to Perfection

BBQ Marshmallow to Perfection by BBQ Wholesale Centre

BBQ marshmallow is favourite "bbq dessert" among young Singaporean. Youngsters love to barbecue over a charcoal fire for their bbq party! Common bbq practice would be to poke marshmallow over satay stick and place over charcoal flame at the end of barbecue session. For the perfect golden marshmallow, patience is the essence; you need to barbecue it slowly, carefully, and methodically. The more time it takes, the gooier and more delicious the centre will be. Depending on the fire, it’ll probably take about four minutes to make a perfect golden brown marshmallow. You may either let your perfectly barbecued marshmallow...

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