Impressive Charcoal Light Up Technique


A simple way to light up charcoal is to neatly stack charcoal to a height and light up fire starter as illustrated below. The important trick is to wait patiently for the charcoal to be red hot before spreading out. Do not light charcoal inside your house as it is dangerous and smoky. How to Set-up Charcoal Fire [table id=7 /] See Video on Easiest Way To Start BBQ Fire

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How to Plan for a Successful Barbecue


Craving and hungry for BBQ?   BBQ Wholesale Centre has more than 10 years of food catering experiences specialize in barbecue food. We have extensive practical knowledge in planning and organizing successful parties, from over 10 people to few thousands. BBQ Wholesale Centre has been well known for providing quality and delicious marinated barbecue food at wholesale price. You can definitely count on us for your important barbecue events.   You may refer to our BBQ 101 for tips on food planning, grilling techniques and various delicious recipes. To make your barbecue truly enjoyable, below are some recommendations on all time favorite...

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Best BBQ Spot in Singapore


Where to Barbecue in Singapore? There are many nice bbq spots in Singapore that are suitable for small and big groups of bbq parties. Beach front resorts like NSRCC, Aloha Loyang, D'Resort and East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, Changi Beach are popular venues for private functions. BBQ pits along the coasts of Singapore are always crowded with weekend retreats for family and friends. Below is a list of information on where to book the pits and chalets.   A) BBQ Pits All the bbq pits are under the care of NParks and booking can be done at AXS machine or online.   [table id=3 /] * Prices...

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How to apply for camping permit online

Click here to apply for camping permit. Please get ready all camping participant's NRIC details before applying for permit.  Select [Start] to proceed.  Choose [I Agree] to agree to National Parks Board's terms and condition. Select camping dates Select camping area, only certain area in East Coast Park, Pasir Rise Park & West Coast Park is camping allowed.  Input personal particular & participating camping NRIC to proceed. It is compulsory to key in all participants NRIC details for ranger routine check.  Confirmation Page - Check all details are correct. 

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How to book BBQ Pit Online


How much does it cost to book BBQ pit? Changi Beach Park - $16 East Coast Park - $16 or $20 Labrador Nature Reserve (Promenade) - $12 Pasir Ris Park - $20 Sembawang Park - $12 West Coast Park - $20   When am I allowed to use the BBQ pit from? May use barbecue pit from 12pm on the day of permit to 4am the following day on the day of booking.   Step by Step Guide to Book BBQ Pit Online E-AXS online Step 1 - Click here to book barbecue pit & select [START] to proceed.  Step 2 - Select...

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