How to Start BBQ Charcoal Fire

Eastiest Way to Start BBQ Charcoal Fire

Easiest & Quickest Way to Start BBQ Fire Using Charcoal | Step by Step Instruction

Step 1: Place charcoal on bbq pit and lay charcoal in a pentagon formation

Step 2: Place firestarter in centre of pentagon formation & Light up fire starters

Step 3: Stack up charcoal in a “pyramid” formation.

BBQ Tip: Fanning speed up the burning of charcoal, continue for 10-15 minutes and will see charcoal turn grey ash in colour.

Items needed to Start Charcoal Fire

  1. Charcoal
  2. Fire-Starters
  3. Matchsticks
  4. Fan
  5. Tongs
  6. Wiremesh

How to estimate Charcoal for my BBQ Party?

The rule of thumb for charcoal estimation is 3kg for every 10 BBQ guests.

If you have about 30 guests coming over for your barbecue event, will need about 9kg of charcoal. Of course, if your guests are all big eater, we would recommend you buy slightly more, about 12kg of charcoals, just in case your BBQ guests are still hungry!